#Watched: #StrangerThings2 is “bitchin’” (Non-spoiler-ish)

Do yourselves a favour, and catch season 1 of #StrangerThings before you watch/binge #StrangerThings2 (if you have not already, that is), and you’ll have a more satisfying watch/time, IMHO.

*Watch on Netflix*

Just finished Season Two within a single Saturday (9 x eps x 1hour each = 9 hours-ish) and was an absolutely splendid time spent, and two solid thumbs up for this series! Awesome work, all around!

“The Duffer Brothers” might well be coined the “Midas-Touch Brothers”, as far as I am concerned! While it is not necessarily “perfect”, it is ultimately engaging, and a decent morsel of entertainment on your screens. If you liked Season 1, you’d certainly like this season.

"Be Warned" though, if you are a fan of the first season and this particular genre, taking a break in-between episodes might be a struggle! Particularly the beginning couple of episodes (IMHO), and I personally managed to pry myself away only to feed myself somewhen after Episode 5 before 6 LOL

I’ll not spoil it anymore for you folks, and I’ll write more soon … meanwhile here are a few IG’d snaps that says nothing but perhaps will add to the “surprise” LOL (Comments on the images are more than welcomed tho MUAHAHAHAHAHA).

#StrangerThings2 = “bitchin’” :) #iliketeevee #toysrevilx #strangerthings

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Loving the art for this ep of #StrangerThings2

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