Are You Ready To Enter baykiddead’s KAIJU KINGDOM?

Artist “baykiddead” (Facebook / Instagram) shares with us his latest figure release from his newest line; “Kaiju Kingdom”, with these KAIJU WARRIORS being a series of hand-cast resin, kaiju collectibles! Priced at US$205 available online here.

"A year in the making, Kaiju Kingdom is initially a series of 10 different "Kaiju Warriors" designed so that each head fits with each torso, and so on. Hand-cast resin, measuring from 7" to 11". Comprised of 5 different parts, each figure has 4 points of articulation (neck, waist, both shoulders). Each piece is compatible with the others, so that with a complete set, there are over 100,000 character iterations. Eventually, the Kaiju Kingdom universe will expand, but that's a story for another time … for now …"
"There will only be 9 singular figures made available during this initial release. Each figure will be made using a head, torso, set of legs, and both arms. These parts will be selected blind-bag style, making each figure unique. Figure most likely will vary from any and every promotional image.

These figures are Artist Proof concept pieces, one of a kind, and fully guaranteed to deliver the stoke to any collection. Each piece comes with an exchange policy."