Blackbook Toy for Tokyo Comic Con 2017 (Dec 1-2)

Blackbook Toy sure has an eventful and busy year! What will releasing and producing multiple editions of their line-up of sofubis (you can check out "Guy" seen above-right, but not on sale yet :p), and as well boothing at shows around the world, including the coming weekend’s Tokyo Comic Con 2017 (Dec 1-3)! Not to mention being constantly on-top of his online promotions for their products, is exceedingly commendable, IMHO! Sharp salute, Kaz!

Meanwhile, scroll down to take a look at what they’ll be offering folks-n-fans at Booth B-12 (boothing alongside Yamakichiya)! AND PLEASE NOTE: That while TCC happens Dec 1-3, BBT will NPT be present on December 3rd, as they’ll be heading to the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show!

Continuing their “Meat Festival” is Ron English’s MEATY MOUSEZILLA, with this edition featuring different “eyes”, in a run of 12pcs, each priced at 16,000yen. More images HERE on Facebook!

BLOODY MEATY BEAST by MISHKA x Lamour Supreme custom-painted by Marvel Okinawa features shadows, gold accents and blood splatter on marbled meat cast. Limited only 7pcs, each priced at 30,000yen. Gnarly-awesome! More images HERE on Facebook :)

One Offs by Marvel Okinawa include “RUN EMC” & “Hunter Colonel” (priced at 58,000yen each /above), and “Freddyzilla” & “Anatomyzilla” (priced at 53,000yen each / below). Much more images since uploaded HERE on Facebook!

One Offs by Kenth Toy Works features BBT’s SKUM-kun available in 3 x customs, each priced at 30,000yen. (Individual images viewable HERE on Facebook).