Cloudy Rainbow Style - Winter Snow Edition by Fluffy House On Sale Now!

“Christmas”-songs in November? Fret naught, for online on TOYSREVIL you are spared the commercial-culture advancement, but for the early strains of “TOYS” made available for sale(s)! And Fluffy House from Hong Kong has since listed for sale on their online store: CLOUDY RAINBOW STYLE - WINTER SNOW! ”This winter, Mr. White Cloud and Miss Rainbow in Winter Snow Style is going to fill your heart with warmth!”

“NO”, there is no mention of “Christmas”, so you are more than “safe” here … *cough … Limited to 700 sets worldwide, both the 5 inch tall “Mr. White Cloud” and 4 inch tall “ Miss Rainbow” are priced at US$76.00, and each com with their own fabric scarfs. Expect a Late Nov 2017 ship-out … in time to put in your X’mas stocking or wrapped prezzies under the Xmas tree, no? HO~HO~HOOOOO!
"Snowy winter is the season for feeling comfortably warm. The weather is getting chilly recently. Although the cold does not bother Ordinary Bear, he is worried about Mr. White Cloud and Miss Rainbow who do not have enough thick clothes to wear. As a caring bear with warm personality, he knitted a set of lovely snowman sweater and scarf for them as Christmas present! This must be the most heart-warming gift from a true friend!"