GIFT WRAPPED 2017 for Dec 9th Launch at Clutter Gallery, NYC

EVENT PRESS: ”To celebrate the 5th installment of our annual Gift Wrapped exhibition we have gathered over 100 amazing artists to bring you affordable art just in time for the holidays!!

Gift Wrapped is a special holiday season (not holiday themed) art exhibition designed to encourage people to buy unique, hand-made, artist-driven gifts for the holidays. A favorite here at Clutter, the show features a mixture of 2D, 3D, wall hanging and standing pieces, in all genres of the designer toy and contemporary art world
Each piece in the show has a maximum retail price of $200, and unlike our usual exhibits, all sold pieces will be able to be taken home on the night of the opening [cash and carry style] (or shipped shortly thereafter). This is a perfect opportunity to get a unique gift for someone special, or a little something for yourself.”

The opening reception will take place on Saturday, Dec 9th, 2017 (as part of Beacon's Second Saturday art walk) and all pieces will remain on display until Friday, Jan 5th, 2018, unless purchased. Pieces made for this exhibition will be available for sale both at Clutter’s physical location in downtown Beacon, NY and on their website

Holiday dunny #wip

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[🇺🇸] Irving, the yellow monter is saying goodbye to Alfie 'cause today he will go away to @cluttermagazine for the #giftwrapped2017 event. Don't miss it! ❤ (Swipe to see the details) . Both monsters are fully poseable. (Check out the last posts to see them "on move". They can also move his ears, rotate his hands and feet and they can standing still! 🙈 . When I finish with the orders I will make another for the store. What colors would you like to see it? 💙💚💜💛 ⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪⚫⚪ [🇪🇸] Irving le ha dicho adiós a su amigo Alfie. El se va junto a otros monstruitos al evento #giftwrapped2017 en la @cluttermagazine . Por si no lo sabes aún, este estilo de monstruos son articulados (puedes verlos en movimiento en unas publicaciones atrás) también pueden mover sus orejas, girar sus manos y pies, ¡y se sostienen de pie! . Cuando termine todos los encargos pendientes, haré uno para poner a la venta en la tienda, ¿tienes alguna sugerencia de color? 💛💜💙💚

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Artists Include: "2Petalrose • Aica • Ally Burke • Awesome toy • Aya Kakeda • Bakkun • Bleeding Edges • Bog x Squad • Brent Nolasco • Carson Caitin • Cat Atomic • Chima Group • Claymate Creatures • Czee13 • Daniel Fleres • Danny Roldan • David Bishop • Dethchops • Dima Drjuchin • droolwool • Eimi Takano • El Hooligan • Eloise Kim • Erica Borghstijn • Falcontoys • Fluke • Freshtoast • Gabriel Carpio • Grizlli Atom • Grumble Toy • Heath Duntz • Hiné Mizushima • Horible Adorables • HungryGhost • HX Studio • Jason Limon • JayDecay • Jaykishen • JeAA • Jeff Lamm • Jenn & Tony Bot • Jeremiah Ketner • Jfury • Jim McKenise • Joe Scarano • Josh Mayhem • Joshua Ben Longo • Juan Muniz • Kkamoxo • Kaori Hinata • Katie Gamb • Kelly Denato • Kyle Kirwan • Lee's Menagerie • Lisa Rae Hansen • Malo April • Mariangela Tan • Mark Nagata • Martina Marzullo • Melissa Sue Stanley • Melodreama • Michael Skattum • Mike Strick • Miranda Zimmerman • Misfit Menagerie • Miss Little Zombie • MJ Hsu • Mr. Mitote • Nugglife • Nympheas Dolls • OEOTOYS • One Eyed Girl • Otto Bjornik • Quiccs • Rampage Toys • Sabrina Elliott • Sad Salesman • SaoZen • Scarecrowoven • Secret Demon Services • Seymour • Shing Yin Khor • Siames Escalante • Stacia Murphy • Steve Ferrera • Stitch of Whimsy • Tasha Zimlich • Task One • The 3D Hero • The Beast Peddler. • Tim Clarke • Tokyo Jesus • Tony Kern • Triplikid • Twee Muizen • Valency Genis • Venetta Butcher • Vini Chav • Wetworks • Yetis and Friends • Yu Maeda • Zard Apuya • Zoë Williams & More....."