“HAN THROW FIRST” by TopzToy - Banksy versus Han Solo Epic Mash-up Toy!

Launched for pre-orders now on topztoy.storenvy.com is this delightful pop-culture-referenced figure dubbed; “HAN THROW FIRST” - with this being a cocktail mash-up of Banksy’s flower-bouquet hurling “Terrorist”-stencil art, and Star Wars’ “Han Solo” in an incarnation of the eternal question: “Who Shot First?”** = BRILLIANT!

Thailand-based resin-slinger TopzToy really has topped his appropriation of pop-culture to the hilt here, IMHO!

Standing approx. 6" tall, there are currently TWO color way options to be had:

- WHITE & BLUE colorway - Priced at US$85 per, in an edition of 40 pcs, numbered on feet & card.

- Unpainted GREY Edition, priced at US$75 per.

**And if you don’t know your Star Wars-lore, it is when bounty hunter “Greedo” first confronted Solo in the Mos Eisley cantina, whereby a shoot-out occured, and folks were asking “Who Shot First”? Greedo or Han Solo?” And because this is TOYSREVIL, you are encouraged to “relive” your pop-culture-past! (Scene begins 5-minutes in :p).

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