ILL-LUMA-NAUGHTY OVERLORD by Mear One x TIMEBANDITS to debut at Designer Con 2017

Jonathan Stephens announces their new 8" Figure, ILL-LUMA-NAUGHTY OVERLORD that will be making its debut at Designer Con 2017 (Nov 11-12)! Look for them at TIMEBANDITS (Booth #1030) and/or Mear One (Booth #1032).

PRODUCT PRESS: Mear One (@mear_one) and TIMEBANDITS (@timebandits) have come together to create the ultimate eye opening collab… ILL-LUMA-NAUGHTY OVERLORD, an 8” Figure! This art toy will be launched as an exclusive debut at the TIMEBANDITS Booth (#1030) at Designer Con @designercon on November 11th & 12th. Each hand cast, hand painted resin figure comes with an 8x10” art print signed and numbered by Mear One. Every figure also includes 3 different Interchangeable TV Screen Cards so you customize it yourself and display it with your favorite screen. Each piece is US$200.00 and comes packaged in a box for safe transport. This edition is limited to 33 pieces.

Sculpted by the talented David Arshawsky (@turtlemilkstudios) and paint application by Todd Action (@toddaction). Show up early on Saturday because this limited supply will for sure be selling out.”

"Deep within the cabal command center, in a place of extreme darkness, lurks a sinister force. It exists somewhere far out in the desert, behind electrified fences guarded by NSA alien hybrids overlooking thought criminals. It is only now that the occult veil of secrecy has been lifted for all to see the very dark rituals and uncanny concoction of the corporate oil rich banksters, their political and military puppets, and one oversized, foul-breathed bio-hazardous reptilian beast with an unyielding desire to control, consume, and destroy everything! Introducing His Single-Eyed Highness “The ILL-LUMA-NAUGHTY OVERLORD”. All along we Earth People thought that the Controllers were just a bunch of greedy old farts, but that would be too simple. We needed a tyrannical moron with leaky pipes and some major dinosaur problems to rule us all! He is listening, he hears all, so be careful what you think, he’s thinking too. “The ILL-LUMA-NAUGHTY OVERLORD” bringing 4th &5th dimensional problems to a reality near you.

Shot & Edited by Art Before Death @artbeforedeath"