Is Barry Allen a “BLINK”? (*SPOILERS for #JusticeLeague)

We’ve previously seen the sequence-clip of Bruce-Wayne-visits-Barry Allen in his hideout in Central City, then throwing his Batarang at Barry, which picks it up and recognising “Batman” and eventually joining his “team” … here is the first incarnation of the video clip to help rejolt your memory (Notice the screen above Bruce Wayne's head, showing a "laughing skull-head”…):

And while following might not necessarily be *STORY SPOILERS*, it may well comment directly on the character (or choice) of “Barry Allen” in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie, hence *BEWARE OF SPOILERS AHEAD!*

What the entire sequence in the JUSTICE LEAGUE movie (expanding on the clip featured above) shows us, was that as Barry returned “home” and himself switches on the power to his lair, multiple room lights illuminated his abode, as well multiple computer screens flickered on - showing different images on screens (including a Ricky & Morty cartoon), while one screen in particular caught my attention - the screen "above" (beside) Barry’s second favourite chair, which Bruce Wayne had been sitting on…

WHAT was playing in said screen (screen grabbed above), and music from the visuals heard in the background, as both actors spoke their dialog, was South Korea’s BLACKPINK performing/dancing “As If It’s Your Last”!

Here’s the actual music video for your viewing pleasures ~ ”BlackPink In Your Area!” :)

Black Pink's management agency YG Entertainment said, "After the new song was released in June, Warner Brothers Pictures asked to use the song in the movie because the Flash is an ardent K-pop fan." (reported
I am wholly unsure if what we saw on screen (on “Barry’s screen” :p) is on ALL the final versions everyone sees on screen, if of this is jut tailored for Asia only (can anyone outside of Asian countries verify this? THANKS!), it certain caught my attention, and was pleasant and invigorating surprise!

And while I am a ardent fan of Black Pink, I was not exactly what you might term a “raving fan” of “The Flash” (who coincidentally is NOT actually named “The Flash” in this film), until after seeing this!

And while I had grappled with the character of Barry Allen being portrayed as much younger than everyone else (besides his fellow “The Accidents”; CYBORG :p), I’d understand the need to alter the team make-up, as well as provide “longevity” to the characters, I was impressed that the filmmakers had decided to “update” the character’s sensibilities and choices to the “now”, and the choice of BLACKPINK was a nice fit into the scheme of things, IMHO.

On hindsight, I also felt it had been somewhat ironically apt, as Barry mayhap had imagined joining this “team” which Bruce Wayne had spoken of - besides needing “friends” - was to form a “girl group”/band of his own too, maybe? LOL


FYI#1: “*Blink” is a self-coined term for fans of BLACKPINK - with “BL” in “Black”, and “INK” from “Pink” combined.

FYI#2: The screen grabs were from THIS video promo from AT&T ("blink" and you might miss it … sorry but I couldn’t resist the pun nyaknyak :p):