Leecifer for Designer Con 2017 (Booth #525)

Leecifer sends snaps and word of his goodies prepared for Booth #525 at this weekend’s Designer Con 2017 (Nov 11-12), featured below, and with MORE images HERE on Facebook!

- The pins are 4 pack for $30 bucks, singles for $10.
- Scott W. PickleBabies are $16 each or 2 for $30 w/ each additional $15 bucks.
- Now that Benny sold out the "Resin is King series 4" blind boxes - The hand paint AP Honoo Sparks are $50 bucks.
- Rando' crazy DCon 2017 Honoo Sparks (the picture is in "in progress") are $40 bucks each or 2 for $70.
- Micro run of hand-paint Koi Honoo (misc Vcolor and metallic powders on white vinyl) are $65 each.

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"Honoo plush is $90 bucks and there'll be lotto tix w/ drawings posted through out the day. No need to stand in front of the booth. Will post tix at the booth and email you (yes you have to put your email on the tix). Building an email list for Yukari and I. Extra tix given to people that purchase stuff. And there may be additional prizes!" - shared @leecifer1.

- Leecifer’s Shard custom is US$300 (BP booth #527) Price TBC
- Leecifer’s “The Bloom” is US$250 (booth 1434) Price TBC