Luke Chueh for Designer Con 2017 (Booth #433)

Luke Chueh has plenty of products for the coming weekend Designer Con 2017 (Nov 11-12), including the following goodies posted here ... AND, I’d recommend you stay connected to Instagram @lukechueh for updates!

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Exclusive colorway of BAT BEAR (“Chrome Cowl” Edition), with this 12”-tall resin bust produced by Mighty Jaxx. Limited to approx 25 pieces. Includes a hand drawn illustration of BatBear that basically functions as a certificate of authenticity. Priced at US$350 each, this is Luke’s own exclusive edition, so don’t sleep on this!

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4 x APs (“Artist Proofs”) from the last run of BOBA (from FLABSLAB). Price is US$400 each, comes signed and include a hand drawn certificate of authenticity. This’ll be perfect for folks who missed or held out from online purchases! Good Luck to be one of the the Lucky Four!

From Munky King comes the 10th Anniversary POSSESSED and a new “Kush” edition of THE PRISONER. Availability / Pricing Pending…

Limited edition Metal Badges to be available at @designercon next week! #metalbadge #metalpins

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