“MC ENERGIA GRIN” by J. Balvin x Ron English x MINDstyle @ ComplexCon 2017

One slice of toy-release-news which I’d not mention in my previous Cool Collectibles To Cop @ ComplexCon 2017-list, is the “MC ENERGIA GRIN” from J. Balvin x Ron English x MINDstyle vinyl figure!

Continuing this toy-relationship with music recording artists (remember ”Star Skull” with Chris Brown, circa 2012?), this incarnation sees a collaboration with J Balvin where an incarnation of a GRIN SMILE head (with lighting bolt eyes) sit atop a MC SUPERSIZED CHINA body, drapped in print fabric clothes. Very apt collaboration, as the Colombian reggaeton singer himself made a stage appearance at ComplexCon 2017 in Long Beach, CA (where this collectible was being released too) over the weekend of November 4-5th.

@jbalvin @ronenglishart #ComplexCon 📷: @orliarias

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@jbalvin made a surprise appearance today at the @pigsandplans stage. #ComplexCon

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Proud of @Jbalvin and team!!! #jbalvin #balvinAirlines #complexcon @djpope @pharrell

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Seen from this snap from @levtokyo, the 10-inch tall collectible were also sold from a vending machine, and apparently “Sold Out”? Limited to 100pcs (Price unknown), I am sure pieces will hit the secondary market somewhen soon? Happy Toy-Hunting, people!

(Additional pic+video via @evakawasaki)