MEATY Collectibles from Blackbook Toy for Designer Con 2017 - SKUM-Kun & Big Boner!

Two “meaty” slices of toynews today from Blackbook Toy, for sofubi editions to be available at their Booth/Table TG14 at the weekend’s Designer Con 2017 (Nov 11-12) - featuring MEATY SKUM-KUN and MEATY BONER! *JUICY*

Introducing the new colorway of S” K” UM-kun with Suicidal Tendencies; “Meaty S” K” UM-kun”!
"His head and hands are “Marbled Meat” cast. Looks like his skins are peeled off. As it’s cast, not painted, every single one is different and unique. This Meaty S” K” UM-kun got previous hand sign “Z” (including arms)." (More pics HERE on Facebook)
Price is US$150 per. And while no total quantity is revealed for this 24cm tall production piece, it is mentioned that “less than 10pcs” will be made available for online ales post-DCon.

Introducing MEATY BONER - featuring Ron English’s 21cm tall Big Boner sofubi in a new color way featuring juicy “marbled meat” - and mind you, this is CASTED and PAINTED! And while quantity is not revealed, PRICE is tagged at US$100 per. (More pics HERE on Facebook)

BBT SAYS: ”We accept CASH or PayPal. If you want to use credit card, don’t forget to set your PayPal account up. We don’t bring credit card machine.”