MICHAEL "MURDER" MOUSE by Junk Yard x Mighty Jaxx On Pre-Order Now!

Launched over the weekend and currently available to pre-order online is “MICHAEL "MURDER" MOUSE” by Junk Yard x Mighty Jaxx. Priced at US$119.00 per, this interpretation of the world-famous “mouse” is sized 8" (20.3cm) tall, with this vinyl x polystone collectible in a limited edition of 200pcs (*Product ships 2nd quarter 2018).

What I like about this character is it's mono-chromatic / black-n-white color, giving a somewhat menacing tone and depth to the character design (ironically "colored" by my recent viewing of 40/50's old skull menacing cartoons, AND the advent and popularity of the "Cuphead" video game!), when otherwise in color, would have made it a "yet another" straightup "parody" instead, IMHO. Nice choice!

MIGHTY JAXX PRESS: "Have you ever imagined how our current pop culture would be if it had a dark side? In collaboration with Chicago-based illustrator Junk Yard, we welcome our latest collectible; "Michael" the Murder Mouse. At first glance, he may seem adorable with his big wide eyes and chubby cheeks, but don't be fooled by his appearance! Hidden behind this childhood mascot's grin lies a psychopath itself, all ready to sneak up on you this week!

Adopting a cool minimalistic style, Junk Yard's art is the embodiment of the American Dream seen from the wrong side of the tracks. Bold, gritty and unapologetic, his work breaks iconic imagery and shows the viewers what's hidden beneath the surface. Being completely out of touch with reality, watch as this little devil creeps up on you this week in an inarguably adorable package!"