MR MONCLER for Hong Kong (including KRINK Edition)

"Moncler celebrates the city of Hong Kong with Mr. Moncler, the brand’s figurative ambassador, who has symbolically traveled to five locations around the world – Tokyo, St. Moritz, Melbourne, Berlin, Los Angeles – before landing in Hong Kong, as if to suggest a powerful exhortation to universality, reducing the distances separating him from the cities."

Mr Moncler goest to Hong Kong

#MonclerHK: let the countdown begin! On November 16th Moncler will celebrate the ever-changing city of Hong Kong with a flash art-performance piece. Collect your priority lane invite by registering on

Posted by Moncler on Monday, November 13, 2017

On the morning of November 16th morning, more than 10,000pcs of the 18-inch tall “Mr. Moncler” figurines were placed in formation in Hong Long at three designated places: Harbour City, PMQ 元創方 and Lee Gardens. As impressive as these images look, apparently folks had the chance to ”freely bring one Mr. Moncler home”! (*GASP*).

Who would do something so outrageous, except fashion houses? LOL

As part of this celebration, Moncler has also invited renowned artist Craig Costello (Krink) to create unique Mr. Moncler figures, available only in limited quantities (350 pieces) at select locations (*Price unknown). You are prompted to register now register now to get your own personal Mr. Moncler benefitting from an exclusive priority lane”. In addition I’ll also recommend you stay connected via their Instagram @moncler for any updates, if you are so interested :)

The new MONCLER flagship store opens tonight from 6pm at Harbor City, Hong Kong. Expect these to be released there, along with a “Krink K75 marker”!

Meanwhile, check out the celebs and model ROLA “modelling” Mr. Moncler!

(Cheers for the headsup, Ying Choy!)


Winston Leong said…
Never expected there to be such thing as free toy hahahah