#playingwith KAMEN RIDER 1 S.H.Figuarts (Tamashii Nations x Bandai)

This action figure is based on the re-design of “Kamen Rider 1” - the protagonist of the movie "Kamen Rider 1”. The toy was released mid-October 2016, for Kamen Rider's 45th anniversary.

LOVING the newly buffed-up aesthetic, and the harsher blacks on the torso area really caught my eye and attention! All other design flourishes seemed slightly more “militaristic” somehow, if not a whole lot more complicated as most re-designs look these days after Christopher Nolan’s “Dark Knight” LOL

And while the initial SRP was 5,184 JPY, I was lucky to pick it up at the recent C3AFA 2017 (Nov 24-26) for SG$25.00! *SCORE*

Standing 145mm tall, he comes with 3 types x optional left & right hand parts (which seemed somehow “smaller” in proportion to the figure’s gauntlets, IMHO), and a “Rider Kick effect” accessory (which I really should take out to play more with :p).

#TOYSREVIL HQ on Friday night... #toylife (#KenKaneki art by @leorenart bought at #c3afasg17)

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The multiple articulation is amazing, and provides tons of poses & play, although you should take extra care in the body armour pieces that are attached via ball-n-sockets, and hence easily snapped off! The small pieces are especially tricky! I’ve had my elbow-guard come off (my bad :p) and could easily have been lost, if dropped off the table, IMHO. As did the belt attachments, actually. Otherwise the make is pretty sturdy, and I sure as heck am gonna be having MORE fun, AND more likely started a “Kamen Rider”-craze! LOL

Play with care, and have FUN with your #TOYLIFE!

Cheers :)