Scott Campbell’s Great Showdowns V2 Resin Figure Set on Timed-Release

DKE TOYS PRESS: "After a lightning fast sell out at this years San Diego Comic Con, Scott C.’s eager fans will have another chance at version 2. This revised version will have a neon green ghost and a more accurate color scheme for our favorite ghost chaser’s outfit."

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Each two figure set is 3 3/4” scale and will come on a signed card back. All figures are hand cast and hand painted. Priced at US$120 each (Limit two per household) - Ordering will be open for 14 days in or while supplies last. Expect delivery around February 2018.

Produced by DKE Toys, this figure was sculpted by George Gaspar of Double G toys. You might want too check out my earlier feature to see the WIPs :)

WHAT-IS: "The Great Showdowns is the smash hit online series that we have seen in art shows and books depicting classic moments of great tension between characters in some of the greatest films of all time. This the very first figure ever to be created of Scott C’s work and the first in a series of Great Showdowns themed toys."