The Evolution of Demogorgons: New #StrangerThings Toys from Funko (WARNING: Story Spoilers Ahead for Season 2 of "Stranger Things")

WARNING: Story Spoilers Ahead for Season 2 of "Stranger Things" ahead!

Funko can’t get enough of “Stranger Things”, and they have since announced a series of NEW collectibles based on characters from the Netflix original series, starting with the “breakout star” of season 2: “DART The Baby Demogorgon”!

This “SuperCute Plush” set features the life cycle of Dustin’s new friend “Dart” as a cute, but terrifying, plush nesting doll. Included are a small 1” pollywog, then a 2” slug, and finally Dart becomes a 9” tall Demodog! Each stage of Dart fits comfortably inside the other. Srsly? You can’t beat that! Expect a Spring 2018 availability!

Series 4 of STRANGER THINGS POP!VINYLS also features the candy-eating “Dart” (Look for the chase, with a rarity of 1-in-6), and a frightening 6” version of the original Demogorgon! Now that’ll fit right nicely with the previous figure releases, methinks! Coming in February.

Arriving in November are the following exclusives:

- The Demogorgon exclusive to Target as an 8-Bit Pop (Complete with a chase piece). Arriving late November.
- Hot Topic exclusive DUSTIN & DART (Arriving late November).
- BoxLunch exclusive ELEVEN in her “bitchin’” new punk look! (Arriving at BoxLunch stores and in December).