THE OILY MANIAC by Retroband x Unbox Industries for 48hrs Pre-Orders Has Begun!

Launched for online pre-orders right now on is the “THE OILY MANIAC”!

Sculpted by Aaron Moreno AKA Retroband, this soft vinyl figure is priced at US$200.00, and stands 13-inches tall and possesses 5 x points of articulation, and as well come with an additional vinyl “oil drum”!

UNBOX PRESS: "This is the third collaboration between Playtoy HK, Shaw Brothers & Unbox. In 1976 Shaw Bros continued to expand into alternative genres beyond their Martial Arts epics. The Oily Maniac rampaged onto the silver screen as a weird hybrid superhero / horror / creature feature flick that still delivers as one of the greatest Asian B-movie classics ever!"

Launched midnight of November 25th (Hong Kong time), do note that this is a timed 48 hours pre-order - whereby “all orders will be honoured”, with the items shipped end-December / early-January 2018. And while the prss does not officially say it, I would assume this might well be “made to order” :)

Check out my earlier announcement post for Oily Maniac back in December 2016! And folks at the recent Designer Con 2017 would’ve managed to see the figure in person at the Unbox booth (see below). What did you think of it? :)