TIM’S TOYS Sale Event @ Face Guts (Nov 10th) - including Exclusive Lime Green version of “Prenute” from Gravy Toys

Through the years, I’ve had tons of dreams where I walk thru a physical shop selling toys (true story, bro), where I stare+lust at collectible that may or may not exist in the waking world … and waking up from such awesome dreams always inevitably bums me out for the rest of the day (also true story, bro).

In a world where online transactions and shops fuel the world of toys, my heart still appreciate and pins for actual brick-n-mortar shops (or even seeing them straight=up at conventions, fairs and flea markets!) … so THIS particular slice of toynews has my eyes perked up! And toy-loving heart crushed, because I will not be there!

“TIM’S TOYS” is a sale-event scheduled for Friday November 10th at Tim Biskup’s store/gallery “Face Guts” - whereby ”Thousands of individual pieces will be on display and for sale! Japanese Kaiju, Designer Vinyl, Ceramics and Plush Toys. Priced to sell!”

Friday, November 10th
Noon-5pm Preview (No Sales, Just Viewing)
5pm-? Sale Starts (Entry By Random Lottery Pick)

Sunday, November 12th
Noon - 6pm Sale Continues

In addition, apparently “lots” of Tim’s creations will be available including rare and custom figures from his entire career (you can NEVER get enough of Tim Biskup’s toys, as far as I am concerned). Also keep a look out for the Face Guts Exclusive lime green version of “Prenute vinyl from Gravy Toys (seen smack-dab in the middle of the top picture!).

#timstoys November 10th at #faceguts.

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Face Guts
@ 4136 1/2 Verdugo Rd
Los Angeles CA 90065

Mandoline Grill Food Truck from 5pm.

FYI: I do not know if the following pics of toys are for sale,
but I love seeing mixed-toys! Like I love “mix-tapes” LOL

Handful of #butanohana #timstoys

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#timstoys #faceguts

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