#TOYLIFE: Reviving a Toy-Showcase Facebook Page with a relook at my toy-display

Featured here today in this blogpost are images of my humble toy-shelf in TOYSREVIL HQ, taken in fact to showcase on my #ArtToyNationSG Facebook - for which I started since 2012, but has yet to garner any activity in the local toy community, alas… So this is a last ditch attempt to perhaps revive the page, before I next decide what to do with it...

As well I reckon it’s due time to change up the displays too LOL

Cheers and have a toy-fun new week ahead!

Image of my humble toys/collectibles display shelf in TOYSREVIL HQ (#needstochangeitup tho), snapped for my #ArtToyNationSG #Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/ATNSG/) where you can show-off/showcase your own collections, for collectors based in Singapore. *Not meant to be “judged”, but to share the toy-joy! #NOTforsales I’ll always remember a fellow collector’s comment (its YOU @cosmicbaby lol) about me not “having a focus” in my collection, and I agree, and enjoy it very much so! Ever since my retro-days of mixtapes, I’ve always collected why I liked, and love the eclectic selection on my shelves ... and of course I hope to have more shelves, but I have zero space! LOL These days I don’t buy as many or much, not because I don’t like them, heck I list over most I blog about hahaha ... but the simple fact is I cannot afford most of them (or at least some when they are available), so yes, I can only live vicariously thru my OWN BLOG, innit?! HAHAHAHA ... aaah living the #toylife

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WHAT-IS: "ART TOY NATION SG is all about the Collectors of Art Toys in Singapore! From urban vinyls to designer resins, wooden sculpts, plush and papertoys - this is the venue to showcase your collections! Sorry folks, no mass-media licensed toys here!"