A Decade of STGCC #onTOYSREVIL: Year 6 (2013)

WHAT-IS: "With the 2017 Edition of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con celebrating it's “10 Years” anniversary this year, TOYSREVIL takes a look back through a decade of covering this annual event on this blog … :)”
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The 2013 Edition of the annual Singapore Toy Games and Comic Convention was scheduled to be on 31st August to 1st September 2013, at Marina Bay Sands, Sands Expo & Convention (Same venue as the previous year's and remains subsequently til now). Funnily, I had mentioned "TOYSREVIL plans to return in 2013" but was subsequently crossed out, and I have zero memory of "why" I mentioned that tho... but what I do remembered, were exhibitor-folks had complained about the "slipper" problem they had faced, where exhibitors wearing "slippers" were not allowed to set-up their booths! Oh Dear... :p

Special guests announced included Comics’ artist Adi Granov, KABUKI-creator David Mack, artist Joe Madureira, the return of Simone Legno of tokidoki, Nathan Hamill, cosplayers Linda Le AKA VampyBitme and Aza (previously known as Miyuko), and even Rejuice (*This would be the year were a much stronger J-Pop vibe was felt, very much a parallel AFA, and an additional spirit since tagged to STGCC til now) ... and Angry Woebots, Jesse Yu aka J★RYU and Luke Chueh from Army of Snipers!

Since my introduction of AoS to FLABSLAB back in 2011, culminating in a one-night only show (AoS's first in SG), FLABSLAB now hosts AoS in their own booth, offering up exclusives, including their STGCC Edition of Martin Hsu's Dragon Boy (the OG colorway made available in previous year).

I've had a chance to visit the Media Press Conference that year, and had a chance to see the exclusive products spread for that year (*Remembering my previous year's exclusives for the TOYSREVIL booth, and wondered how they looked presented lol).

Mighty Jaxx extended their booth size this year, and featured a splendid spread of collectibles, including local designers (Samantha Lo SKL0 with "Cultured", Daniel You x DEVILROBOT's "Tao Pok King" and Clogtwo with Gold and White SKUHLS and more). I had the chance to visit the MJ offices then (they have since moved to a newer, larger office).

Play Imaginative had an impressive spread of licensed product this year (FB album) - moving away from their Designer/Artists' collectibles from earlier incarnations - this time showcasing more of their "Super Alloy" line, with more "Iron Man" products, including their "Hammer Drones", and New 52 Justice League! What personally interested me were the "Old Master Q" and "Tiger Dragon Gate" 1/6th figures! Nice to see some Eastern licenses getting the toy-love too haha

I distinctly remembered this year's STGCC, as I remembered the crowd to be much "denser" than before (*meaning "many folks", not "folks with lesser intellect", sorta... :p), and I could hardly get any photos in without people blocking my way!

This event also saw the continuation of Star Wars-themed dioramas, this time in honour of the 30th Anniversary of "Return of the Jedi", courtesy of starwars.sg / Galactic Senate - complete with Stormtrooper-devouring cannibalistic Ewoks! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (View pics on Facebook).

Friends from The Philippines Vinyl On Vinyl brought along a chockful of goodies, including Quiccs' ASSAULT & BATTERYZ Dunnys, Gabby Tiongson's MEATUS (TOYSREVIL-Edition available to purchase here), Wantondoodle's CAN OF WORMS, Sonny Liew's PINNOCHIO, and more!

The Artist Alley for this year saw a wide variety of Eastern based vendors, from Nelz Yumul (The Philippines), to Machine56 (Bandung, Indonesia) and event the first time boothing INSTINCTOY, fling with a "stronger" local representation, with Shawn Siow AKA "Draw Slowly", Ray Toh & Jerry Teo.

There were more "pre-event" coverage and introductions to artists and goods on the blog this year (including a look at pre-event set-up), as compared to "post-event" images with minimal-to-no text (accompaniment). Tis was also a year where all my images taken were dark and "muddy" - and I still could not understand why... perhaps it had been my camera's setting? Or perhaps my hand-me-down iPhone was on its final death-throes (&@#%$$XXX)

Also, having spent the previous years talking my mouth dry at my own booth, this year instead I talked my mouth dry at other folks' booths LOL

Physically, it had not been a good year for me at all, and the 2-day event took a heck lot out of me than I expected (I've never truly been able to do 2-Day STGCCs since, actually), and a much longer recovery time than usual, alas.... but again, that was my burden to bear, is, and always will be.

I'd always loved to do pre-event contests, and this year was no different, featuring goodies from Rocket Raygun, Keh Choon Wee, and Indonesia's Thunderpanda.

Featured #onTOYSREVIL: http://bit.ly/2C4vq0I A Decade of STGCC #onTOYSREVIL: Year 6 (2013) For #STGCC2013, I had seeked help from a variety of folks to reinterpret the #TOYSREVIL Blog-Mascot, the result of which culminated into a sticker sheet featuring die-cut images of illustrations+designs from #QUICCS (@quiccs), #ANTZ (@antz_rscls), #JavierJiménez (@javierjimenezxl), #ZiQi Wu (@ziqi_wu of #Monsterlittle), #NelzYumul (@nelzy) and #ArioAnindito (@arioanin)! Thank you all for your generosity & support! And I really need to relist them up on my online store @ http://toysrevil.bigcartel.com and soon :p Not forgetting Quicc's first mass production original figure of TEQ63! Were you the lucky 10 who score a TOYSREVIL-Exclusive RED #resintoy? :) #adecadeofstgccontoysrevil

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Still "on a high" from the previous year's boothing experience, I was pounding the event floor with goodies in my bag (something which I may never do again lol) - featuring an exclusive TEQ63 colorway edition with QUICCS (*his first all original resin figure!) and the culmination of various invited artists interpretation of the TOYSREVIL-mascot, as die-cut stickers in a sticker sheet! (*I need to relist them on my online store for sales again soon!)

My ever gratitude to QUICCS, ANTZ, Javier Jiménez, ZiQi Wu (Monsterlittle), Nelz Yumul, and Ario Anindito for your efforts, generosity and support!!!!

This was also the year I had gone on a purchasing "revenge-spree" *to make up for the previous year's lack lol) with TOYS (including Hello Kitty x Ugly Doll ~ YAY!), original art from Indonesia artist Hakim(my first!), Sonny Liew, and epic art prints from Machine56 (whom I've adored since meeting him in Bandung 2009, and trumpinging since his 1/6th-release with GLITCH!). It had been a decent good time meeting old friends and making new ones!

I will always remembering the time hovering around INSTINCTOY's booth field with Wijaya and Eric's spread of toy-addiction, whereby I ended up with wonderful goodies (not planned on purchasing but since "discovered"), including the display Muckey! "Dangerous" but GLORIOUS! LOL

The main reason for taking pictures with folks and friends - hardly meant to "show off", fhanks - is that I get to selfishly have a chance to remember and recognising them, years later after the event. I've never really spoken much about this online, but the reality is, my memory is no longer as robust as it had been since my Stroke in 2010, and photos really help plug the gaps and lapses in my life. One of the main reasons why I've chosen to lead a relatively low-key life these days, I admit .. and it is a painful reality, but that's what I have to deal with daily, and pictures help! hahaha So thank you for willing to take a picture with me, folks! I truly appreciate it!

Alas, one of my "clearest" memory of STGCC2012 was NOT having a picture taken with Linda Le, although I am thankful I managed to say HI (thanks to Jesse's introduction) and this snap of a derp-Linda (which I adore) ... I am pretty ashamed to admit it, but this still bugs me til this day, actually! LOL #regretsfor2013

It's one thing to have my own impressions of the event, another to hear what other folks have to say, which is increasing more interesting to me, with personally and as a blogger (haha), for as much as I share what I feel about "toys" (and have been since 'Day One' of this blog), different folks have different choices/preferences and opinions, and the curiosity and eagerness to live vicariously through others (due to my increagin/continued lack of financial ability hahahaha), becomes increasingly appealing, I have to admit! LOL
"I brought so many stuffs to sell at my booth, my briefcase weighed more than 30 kilos. I never thought the appreciation for my art is going to be that high, that when I got back home, it's still 30 kilos, but the content inside were replaced by all the statues, figures, and artwork that I bought from STGCC! So much for self control."
- Shared Event Exhibitor / Artist Ario Anindito from Indonesia, who's comment matched those of the "allure of a toycon" for me LOL