A Decade of STGCC #onTOYSREVIL: Year 8 (2015)

WHAT-IS: "With the 2017 Edition of Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Con celebrating it's “10 Years” anniversary this year, TOYSREVIL takes a look back through a decade of covering this annual event on this blog … :)”
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The 2015 Edition of STGCC was held between 12th to 13th of September @ Marina Bay Sand Convention Center (ground level). TOYSREVIL was a official "Supporting Blog" this year, as I'd gone all out for MEDIA coverage, focusing on a stronger Instagram presence, "challenging" location wifi-be-damned! TOYSREVIL even had tickets to give way too!

2015 was also the year TOYSRVIL celebrated it's "10th Year Blogversary/ Blog-Anniversary", and I'd had a couple of Exclusive Jiangshi Acolytes with Daniel Yu, and I even had a signing for the release of a "Supergirl print" with Noval Hernawan :)

VIP Entrance 1/2 hour before the main public:

Invited Guests this year covered a large spread of genres (Reveal #1 / Reveal #2 / Reveal #3) - including toy world's Huck Gee and Jason Freeny for the first time! Alas, this year would also be known as the year when collectibles were stolen off Huck Gee's booth.

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This year's Artist Alley grew larger in toy-representation, with international and asian creators and brands setting up shop, including Taiwan's Genesis4 collective: Fanny Kao, Skullman, Banana Virus and SHONSIDE, China's Cacooca, Malaysia's 1000 Tentacles (who showcased The Missing Link 7 Star Wars Series 2). From The Philippines, we have the return of Hidden Fortress (with QUICCS' Cousin Typhoon, The Glorious Leader from Contra Bandidos, and Kidzilla from Wetworks x Yoii) and INS, with their resized and handy "Trooper Boys"!

Singapore's toy-brands dominated their areas of the event, with FLABSLAB and Mighty Jaxx helming juggernaut display booths, while Pobber Toys offering up a trip of splendid toyness with Twelvedots' Roadkill and Skullhead Samurai (from Huck Gee xJon-Paul Kaiser) reveals, Gary Ham's "Autumn Stag" on show, and the release of Paco Taco with Scott Tolleson!

Ozzo Collection has a schweet spread of red-n-white color themed exclusives from Daniel Yu and Uamou, and we have Hong Kong-based Unbox Industries and GUMS Production in the house! Black Seed introduced us to a yummy spread of originally designed and vinyl-made kaiju too.

Local resin-slinger Daniel Yu wowed attendees with his selection of original indie resin character figures, and on the illustrative arts front, Noval Hernawan's illustration and release of the Supergirl TOYSREVIL-Edition Print . The poster print is currently available for online purchase HERE, thanks :)

Indonesia artists Bowo Baghaskara and Alympu were hosted by The Toy Project and GLITCH showcased their collectibles at the Mighty Jaxx booth, which included this invigorating "EMPIRION" beast!

Japan's Blackbook Toy boothed in SG for the first time, while INSTINCTOY returned with much anticipation (and where I missed the item top on my wish list ~ *sob*) introducing Mini Muckeys, while I had actually scored the event-exclusive carded Jiangshi BE@RBRICK from a visiting toy artist instead hahahaha (Thanks Banana Virus)!

Respectfully, when it comes to scoring toys, I have no game lah, just pure LUCK! LOL

STGCC2015 was also the year I blew my proverbial wad on purchases both TOYS and Printed Publications - having been emboldened by a freelance gig paid earlier, and in an attempt to "celebrate" the blog's 10th birthday ... and ho-boy did I feel the burn for the rest of the year! @.@"

But it had been a glorious two days of friendship and toy-joy to be had! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA