A Look Back at Top Ten Toys of 2016 & Teaser for Top Ten Toys of 2017

With the reveal of 9 of TOYSREVIL's Top Ten Toys of 2016, here is a peek at the rest of the contenders - who essentially makes up the rest of my Top Twenty Toys of 2016! Thanks for a year of awesome toy-ness, folks!


- KAMEN RIDER from Bandai (Store bought figure which I have yet to review... Will do so in 2018!)

- New KAIJU TRIPUS from Max Toy Co! This beast is the first production colorway to be unleashed, and will be reviewed in full in 2018.

- "RAKU NIGHT" is apart of the three Shadow Editions "Gold Life" PVC collectibles designed by Huck Gee and made by Mighty Jaxx. Purchased at STGCC2015, I've since opened them and had some toy-fun!


- Black Version DAYDREAM NIMBUS from Paulus Hyu x Kurobokan, store bought (at Ozzo) - my one and only Nimbus, having consistently missed out on previous releases (couldn't afford them before they were snatched up and sold out).

- ANT-MAN COSBABY from Hot Toys (Store bought), standing in front of the Artist Mix version ANTMAN (designed by TOUMA), and loving this guy!

- "UGLY DUCKY" by Jason Freeny x Mighty Jaxx (Store bought). And while I still have the OG-yellow "Bathing Duckie", this version has since been gifted to a friend's house warming, in an attempt to "convert" him to the "designer vinyl"-side MUAHAHAHAHA


- "BOBETT" by Wetworks! Gifted at STGCC 2015, this resin figure is irresistible, and if you re gagging for one - it has since been sold out via Carlo's online store!

- Judge Death in 1/12th scale (Top Ten Toy of 2015) stands in-front of JUDGE DREDD from ThreeA Toys & his Lawmaker bike (which I had purchased online), and was even a contender even if I had not removed Dredd from blister yet! Because I am a huge fan of Judge Dredd, whose 1/6th-scaled version I was unable to afford at the time of pre-order, alas... would've been a shoo-in for Top Ten! LOL

- TIGER BOSS (first factory colorway) designed by Javier Jimenez and made by Max Toy Co, gifted and received with toy-joy! I love this guy, beckoning folks with his paws - to do more work for him! LOL

And with that, here is a look at my list of toys for 2017 (most of the toys, anyways, as there are a few "surprises" not included :p):

So what are YOUR Top Toys of 2017?

Here are what toy-collectors shared with us in 2016 :)