Artist Alley @ Tokyo Comic Con 2017

One aspect of (*what I affectionally term*) “geek-cons” which have always interested me (at least for the last few years), have been “Artist Alley” and the vendors who ply their art and wares. Without the abundance of financial support (for promotional campaign funds) backing them, their “hustle” is always admirable to me personally.

I am also personally interested to know the "Fanart" situation there, in my continued curiosity about East versus West conventions...

I’ve a friend at this year’s Tokyo Comic Con 2017 (Dec 1-3) that I’d love to pimp out: Eldred Tjie of Dredworks, who’ll be tabling at “H-22”!

And while I do not currently have any on-site images to show, I will instead share a print from him (circa STGCC 2014) whereby he interpreted the members of “Gatchman” as Victorian/Steampunk characters in a alternate reality! And now you know why I love his art :)

You can as well check out online here “WHO” will be at “Artist Alley” in this year’s Tokyo Comic Con :)

ARTIST BIO: "コミックなどからインスピレーションを得て作品をアナログな手法の作品を手掛けるシンガポールからきたアーティスト。”

(Google Translated): ”An artist from Singapore who works inspiration from comics etc and works on analogue techniques.”