DIY BOXCAT by Rato Kim x Discordia Merchandising “Live” on Kickstarter!

Rato Kim’s BOXCAT is set to gain toylife as a “DIY” vinyl toy, currently on Kickstarter! This particular design of BOXCAT is evolved from its earlier incarnation to the current with 4 x legs!
"DIY BOXCAT is approx. 5 Inches or 12.7 cm Long. [Weight TBD] Made of Rotocast Vinyl, it is completely hollow, and light weight. This will be the first DIY BOXCAT ever produced in Rotocast Vinyl form. And will finally bring this beloved character to the United States with supply to meet the demand."

Licensed, produced and developed by Discordia Merchandising, factory production is already underway, and will be made and shipped out from North America.

2 Editions available for pre-order: DIY and GLOW Variant. Check into the Kickstarter page for further info on a rare Kickstarter Exclusive Glow in the Dark Enamel Pin, or the even rarer Artist Proof Enamel Pin (Edition of 12), with your DIY BOXCATs.
BONUS: "We are also offering an Exclusive 'PROTOTYPE BLUE' DIY BOXCAT available only through this Kickstarter/Pre-Order campaign. Only 50 of this Colorway will ever be made!"
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