Ghost in the Shell: The Weta Workshop Story

Weta Workshop has just released a new behind-the-scenes video featuring never before seen footage of the incredible year-long process of designing and crafting “Ghost in the Shell” for the silver screen.
"Involving every department at the Workshop, from Design Studio to Animatronics to Costume and beyond, Weta Workshop worked side by side with director Rupert Sanders and his team to conceptualise Masamune Shirow's seminal property for a live action setting.

Ground-breaking silicone suits. Full 3D printed endo skeletons. Animatronic geisha heads with interior working mechanisms. This was a project of immense complexity, that we were hugely proud to be a part of."

I like the visual of (the late) David Bowie as “Kuze” in the BTS … and while I cannot say the film was that bad, neither could I bring myself to review it, even til now … perhaps one day I could find the appropriate words to justify my impressions of everyone’s efforts in creating the film, and the depth of history behind the anime to justify the film.