Golden Mousezillas & MC SKUM from Blackbook Toy for Toy Soul 2017 (Dec 15-17)

Available via Blackbook Toys’ Booth i05 at TOYSOUL 2017 (Dec 15-17) are two brand new editions of their sofubi folks could take note of:

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The new colorway of Ron English’s Mousezilla, “Golden Stealth” features clear casted figures painted in gold, copper and gunmetal. Price is HK$1180 per (Quantity: Unknown). More images HERE on Facebook!

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This new colorway of S” K” UM-kun with Suicidal Tendencies is a Toy Soul exclusive featuring a colorway “inspired” by ”Everyone’s favorite (fast-food) clown”! With a removable red-colored afro hair wig, price is HK$1200 per. More images HERE on Facebook!

Don’t let the top-image fool you tho! The shelves were plenty filled at the beginning of Day One, but as BBT-Boss mentioned on his Instagram (Day 1 of Toy Soul): ”After the madness in the first few hours. All one offs are sold out. But still new Golden Stealthzilla by @ronenglishart and MC S"K"UM-kun by @suicidaltendencies are available. Come say hi to i05. Our Toys are Drugs!”