HALLOWEEN IN DECEMBER: Super7 Releases Alfred Hitchcock & Count Orlok (Nosferatu) ReAction Figures on Dec 6th

After earlier teases, Super7 unveils who exactly where their “Halloween Series” ReAction figures to be unleashed in December: “ALFRED HITCHCOCK” and “COUNT ORLOK” (from the classic “Nosferatu”)!

Both 3.75-inch tall articulated figures will be available online in the Super7 webstore and at the Super7 stores in San Francisco and San Diego from December 6th, 2017. No specific pricing mentioned at time of this post, but presumably a standard US$15 per blister-carded figure, perhaps?

SUPER7 PRESS: ”The Master of Suspense (Alfred Hitchcock) and the doomed Count Orlok (Nosferatu) emerge from the mists of horror films past to walk among us again! Each of these new 3.75-inch ReAction Figure is articulated with Hitchcock accompanied by the all-knowing crow and clutching his trademark cigar. Nosferatu is still just flat out creepy, man.”

This is a decent opportunity to procure a "Alfred Hitchcock" collectible without busting the bank, and a pretty decent likeness too, IMHO! Just in time for "Christmas", perhaps? Along with a DVD of his film (I'm sure folks'll appreciate a "Box Set”, yeah?).