Headspace Calavera Star Wars Edition by ink visuals

An “interesting” mashup of genres here - featuring Calavera culture, Star Wars and collectible & custom toy sub-cultures in the form of “headspace calavera starwars edition” from San Francisco-based artist Robertink visualsRamirez!

In a run-size of only 2pcs, only one is currently available for sale online for US$300, releasing 12/5/17 at 10am (The “other one” is already spoken for :p).

HEADSPACE” are vinyl toys designed by Luke Chieh and produced by Munky King, and they feature removable “heads”, in this case a “Fett” and “Stormtrooper” head/helmet - all of whom have been given the “calavera”-touch! This is not the "first" Headspace custom(s) Rob has done tho, with the a previous release earlier in the year.
"The Day of the Dead (Dia de los muertos) is a Mexican holiday celebrated throughout, bringing the dead and the living together as a family. My art represents that the 3 crystals lined up on every piece i do represent 3 important people I’ve lost in my life time who pushed me to pursue my art and bring people from all types of life together." (shared ink_visuals).