INSTINCTOY’s Post-Tokyo Comic Con Lottery Sales Has Begun!

INSTINCTOY unleashes a line-up of toyness via lottery sales, after the unfortunate situation in Tokyo Comic Con not too long ago… Listed here are the 6 new released, their price and URL-link to their individual lottery sales page.

KENNYSWORK×INSTINCTOY Erosion Molly "Christmas 2017 Edition"
Priced at 18,900yen each / Lottery Page Here!

SNOWY 4th color “Santa Claus” Edition
Price: 15,000 yen / Lottery Page Here!

KENNYSWORK×INSTINCTOY SPACE MOLLY “The earth was bluish” Edition
Price: 15,800yen / Lottery Page Here!

Price: 15,800yen / Lottery Page Here!

KASING×INSTINCTOY Labubu “INSTINCT” Edition (in 2 sizes):
BIG - Priced at 15,500yen / Lottery Page Here!
SMALL - Priced at 9,800yen / Lottery Page Here!

Please read the terms and conditions here if you would like to enter the online lottery. Note that the prices listed here are just for the product itself, and does not including shipping costs. Customers will need to pay for the shipping fee besides the product prices.

Entry Period: 10th Dec till 13th Dec 2017 2359h (Japan Time).
Prize announcement: Emails will be posted on 16th Dec until 1900h. Japan Time
"We will contact the lottery winners on 16th by 1900h.Japan Time (※ Only winners will receive an announcement mail. After getting the mail, if you have any questions regarding the lottery results, please contact us.)

We will start shipping from 18th Dec Japan Time and when the payment has been received. Please note that there is a possibility of delay in delivery (1~3days) as we have multiple items this time."