MAGURO Senpai is #1 on TOYSREVIL'S TOP TEN TOYS of 2016!

WHAT-IS: It took some time - much longer than I anticipated -
but I’ve finally completed my personal TOP TEN TOYS of 2016!

CAVEAT#1: Items are to a part of my own personal collection, either purchased by myself, or gifted
to me, during the year of 2016. Essentially, this is a list of the toys that I already have, thanks.

CAVEAT#2: They could either be brand new toys released in the year of 2016, or they could have been
released earlier, but only owned or opened/deboxed in 2016. OLD is GOLD as far as I am concerned LOL

Enjoy The Toy-Joy, folks!

And while I have previously revealed NINE of the "Top Ten Toys of 2016" on my list, this post is to announced the TOP TOP Numbered 1 on my personal list: MAGUO SENPAI from Mame Moyashi!

Featuring character design by Chino Lam, this 5-inch tall soft vinyl figure is the Hong Kong brand's first release in 2016. As surprisingly morbid as the sliced fish belly on a walking live fish might seem, it is purely that macabre notion that appeals to me personally. Kudos for the entire design form, and who would've believed a big-googly-dead-eyed fish head could be so utterly photogenic!

I reckon this to be a "Fish Kaiju", mini tabletop monster threatening fellow toys, as opposed to a skyscraper tall kaiju monster with an incredulously huge blade! This appeals to the casual kaiju-lover in me (as opposed to a hardcore kaiju genre collector), so that works fine and dandy, and I am swimming in toy-joy over Maguro Senpai!

Actually, why are we assuming that the fish is "alive"? Instead of being a zombie fish who has come back from the dead to wreak revenge on the fishmonger/sushi chef/or housewife?

Apologies for not reading any backstories for Maguro Senpai, but I am appreciative that the toy could be able to help form more stories in my mind, than just reading about it off online.

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Seen on the left of screen (in video up top) is the salmon/pink-sashimi colorway which was the exclusive edition for Ozzo Collection, released at the 2016 Edition of the Singapore Toy, Games and Comic Con! Limited to only 90pcs, it has since been Sold Out!

And while there are quite a variety of colorway editions released for Maguro Senpai since its 2016 debut in the toy world, the SG colorway is still my favourite, both to look at and handle, the die cast knife it holds, and for representing the sashimi which I love to devour!

And seen on right is "Master Of The Giant Claw" - the second character release from Mame Moyashi. And the seafood platter spread of themed-releases continues!

Cheers and thank you for reading!

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