"NEUN SCHWANZ FUCHS" by TOUMA x Mighty Jaxx for Dec 30 Pre-Order

Mighty Jaxx has just revealed teaser images for "NEUN SCHWANZ FUCHS" the nine-tailed fox collectible figure, as designed by TOUMA from Japan! Scheduled for a pre-order drop on mightyjaxx.rocks this Saturday, 30 December 2017 (from 10am EST), here are some images of the 8.5” vinyl figure ("Computer renderings of") I've saved to share thus far - showcasing the elaborate knotted tail! "Neun Schwanz Fuchs" will be priced at US$99 per.

"Attached to its back is a traditional Japanese Braid, also known as “Kumiho”. Despite its simplicity, each cord is imbued with meaning and symbolizes the meaning of positive character and strong interpersonal ties."

"NEUN SCHWANZ FUCHS" is a bringer of
auspiciousness, protection and peace.

And while TOUMA has been offering up loads of his own character designs produced by himself (view on Instagram @toumartinc) - including the re-sculpted Knuckle Bear and Retro Robot Knuckle Bear, it is with nigh anticipation to receive a NEW character form from the Japanese character design, last seen extremely active with Play Imaginative's earlier artists releases such as Squeezel (2008), Grabbit (2008) and Little Trickers (2009)!

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