PACIFIC RIM UPRISING: Featurette & Toys @ Tokyo Comic Con 2017!

A Japanese-subbed featurette (with English spoken) for PACIFIC RIM UPRISING has since come online, which as importantly, featured plenty of new footage!

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The featurette was launched in tandem with the past weekend’s Tokyo Comic Con 2017, where director Steven S. DeKnight and actress Rinko Kikuchi (who plays “Mako Mori” in both the first incarnation and in “Uprising”) where in attendance at the 2nd annual event!

The movie also showcased their array of movie character collectibles at the event, including reveals of their Kaijus (“Hakuja”, “Shrikethorn” and more, in sofvi - which is perfect for their size, IMHO), and line-up of “Jaegars” (Check out those gashapon chibi-versions from Bandai!!!!!).

I’ve only managed to see a trio of Tamashii Nations up close (at the recent AFA) … If you’ve noticed by now, I have been somewhat focusing on the Japanese-(brand)-makes, and will continue to do so - I am pretty jazzed to see where they take the toys!

(Event images courtesy of + Eldred Tjie + @amiamihobbynews).