Police Grin "Rose Gold" Edition by Ron English x Made by Monsters for Dec 16th Drop

APPORTFOLIO has partner with Fitness Center x Art Space “Urban Croxx” to first launch the ROSE GOLD Version of Ron English x Made By Monsters’ POLICE GRIN in the “world’s largest golf site” in Mission Hills, Shenzhen!

Scheduled for December 16th release (@ 14:30pm - Beijing time), this 10-inches tall vinyl figure is in an edition of 550pcs, each priced at US$299 per. 3 Editions of this “Rose Gold” is split between “NORMAL” (250ps), “PLATINUM” (150pcs) and “GOLD” (150pcs). Fpolks who purchase on-site will also walk away with a “special limited gift” of a schweet Police Grin Coin! No quantity revealed for that tho, so stay sharp-ish!

No news if the “Rose Gold” would be made available online (eventually), so you might want to stay connected to @apportfolio for any updates!

BUT, if you want to take a chance to WIN a Rose Gold Edition AND a “Smiley Grin Shocking Sun Flower” toy, then you can take part on the following “Advent Calendar” giveaway with HYPEBEAST! Read caption in IG image for deets!