Seen @ CSC on Sunday (Dec 3, 2017)

And while the Sunday Flea Market opened for business at Fook Hai Building today (last week was their last Sunday in CSC), I’d thought instead to revisit CSC, and these are images I had taken somewhen around 4pm on December 3rd, 2017.

I would be overtly “drama” (of me) to reminisce only about the silence and void filling the space after the sunday flea market had left behind, but in all honestly, it looks exactly like the regular days at CSC for the brick-n-mortar retailers, 6 days a week, before the hustle-n-bustle of Sundays. This was the climate they had to face, day-in-day-out.

Folks talk about a “retail slump” these days … now imagine a much “niche”(r) market for collectibles and toys, and what these folks have to face, for our toy-joy! And while I am all for online shopping, there’s something to be said for physical shops too, all around the world, in fact! As much as hobbyists like myself rub our hands in glee for toy-con and toy-shows, we should also not neglect our dear “plastic-addiction-pushers”! SUPPORT YOUR TOY-SHOPS TOO!

Now this particular gentleman has what I feel to be the most interesting array of Japanese
kaiju-focused collection for sale in Singapore - from a primary focus on Ultraman and foes,
to classic Godzilla and giant robots, to a grip of “modern” sofubi from Japanese artists like
Uamou, Hariken, Konatsu, Dehara, and more .. always a fun table to gawk at, but never much
being in my wheelhouse (except for that one time when I thought I was starting a kaiju-collection
- all bought from him too! - but never came to fruition :p).

He - whom I call the “2PM kaiju-guy” (:p) - will not travel to Fook Hai Building (with the Flea
Market folks), nor will he set-up shop at Havelock II with the rest. NEXT WEEK might well be the
only chance to score these from him, until his changes his plans for the future... if not, whatever
my plans for a "return to kaiju-collecting" would be a pipe dream ... Remember to look for
him after 2pm next Sunday, okay? Tell him TOYSREVIL Sent You!

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You know THAT toy? That one you DON'T COLLECT, that’s not part of your wheelhouse of genres? THAT one you couldn’t afford? But think about even after you’ve long left it beyond back on the shelf? ... Welcome to my #toylife! @.@“

And while there were a tiny tickle of tables spotted today (most being “arrangements” with the shops themselves, versus the flea market organizer), next Sunday would be their last, while the retail shops wold be moving out somewhen mid-December, with most heading over to “Havelock II” in 2 Havelock Road (Singapore 059763), a couple of streets away.

Not long more before the words; See you at CSC! becomes a oft-said phrase to us collectors and toy-hunters, become lost in time … but not “memories” though!

Cheers and have a fab toy-life!
And see y’all at Havelock II!

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