SOFUBI-MAN FRESH ("Flesh" Edition) by Max Toy Co Available for Max Toy Club Members Now

And while we've first seen Max Toy Co's "Sofubi-man" in shocking PINK circa DesignerCon 2017 (that was a sample vinyl pull), the FIRST colorway release instead is "FLESH"! The "good news" is, SOFUBI-MAN FRESH is currently available to order, alas the "bad news" is, there are currently made available to Max Toy Club members (*Check your emails for deets, quick!).

Consider this though: A Sofubi of a Sofubi-Maker = How wonderfully "meta" is that? *AWESOME*, is what it is!

("In-hand" pic by kaiju_sommelier)
But fret naught, true toy-believers, as do note that this Fresh ('Flesh') version is NOT limited. "While it may not be in stock all the time, it is a color that will be made from time to time." added Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co.

"...I'm making him first available to you guys (Max Toy Club members) ... I had ordered a lot, but after assembling them (I had) noticed a small defect in casting, resulting in almost half having to be returned ;-( I think there's enough for you guys though .. but might have to hold off on normal sales until my replacement order is ready... sigh ..." shared Mark Nagata, who added; "On a positive note, the figure is most awesome and quite frankly an idea I've had in my head for many years. It wasn't until I worked with artist Cristina Ravenna, that I felt I found the right person to capture what I had sketched out. Sofubi-man is my homage to the men and women who cast soft vinyl (sofubi) in Japan. Sofubi-man stands 6 inches tall."

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