States of Matter from coarse – floating towards you January 4.2018

Since it's display debut at the recent Designer Con , coarse will next release their STATES OF MATTER sculpture come January 4th in 2018! Available in two colorway editions: "States of Matter – Trance " (lolly-licking' / Limited to 345 pieces) and the slightly "rarer" "States of Matter – Cosmos" (squid-faced / Limited to 234 pieces) - they are both priced at US$278 each.

"This unique vinyl art sculpture comes in the impressive height of 15" [38 cm] and will be available in two editions. Trance [limited to 345 pieces] finds noop in summer tones above water and subaquatic teals underneath, enjoying a popsicle on a placid day. Cosmos [limited to 234 pieces] is drenched in nightmarish blacks and blues as noop meets nism for the very first time. Both editions capture a different moment in the story of noop finding stillness in a world where change is never-ending."

Available exclusively online via, at the following times;

07:59 am Los Angeles
10:59 am New York
04:59 pm Berlin
11:59 pm Hong Kong
"Each set contains one Family & Friends application card. Collect three of these cards to have access to pre-booking of all releases, and exclusive benefit for Family & Friends members." (Individual images on Facebook)