POWER ANGER SPACE has invaded TOYSREVIL HQ! Thanks to Indonesian toy designer IKY, I’d received my 4” tall hand-painted resin creation late last week, numbered “13” out of a 20pc run! And as mentioned in my previous feature, folks interested to score one for yourselves are to either DM Instagram @iky.z, or email him direct at “”, for availability and pricing (Payment via PayPal). Seen from his own IG snap, there might be variants in the paint app? #NICE

As a figure itself, the sculpt is pretty interesting, based on a character Iky created himself, with this “Power Anger Space” being a space faring counterpart to his “Power Anger” character, seen here in a slightly “chibi”-styled aesthetic, at the very least showing a huge whiff of “cute”, in the chubby digits, versus the four-eyed creature - of mirf or mayhem, I wonder?

This character was launched at the SPACEMAN in Bandung, Indonesia (in early-September 2017). I had asked Iky of his origins, and if there were any connections to his previous creations, to which his reply was;
"I want make something different in new shape & concept. I imagine, space / galaxy is one of something unpredictable. If we think about that, we will be imagining wildly. What happen in there? What if I go there?

So, the Power Anger Space is “sinergy” from Power Anger Junior. He had come to the galaxy, he touched something, (was) contaminated and become something strange. He transformed (into an) alien.

Beside that, I like a galaxy color. So I applied it to my toys."
- shared IKY.

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The finish itself is different hues of metallic paints - which is quite the “IN” thing in custom circles seen around the world - with this color palette something I could “understand”, featuring colors within a specific harmony, versus the colors of an exploding acid rainbow (*which in itself is fine and all, just not my personal cuppa :p).

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And while I might not be wholly accurate here (and neither am I toy-customiser by any means), but it felt that the color/paint application might be a tad too “thick”, hence giving the original base sculpt/form a slightly buffed-up finish? I’m sorry I do not know the accurate term for this, uneducated man that I have become :p

Otherwise a real interesting aspect to character design.

Here are a few more snaps pf POWER ANGER SPACE alongside this OOAK TOYSREVIL Edition Edmonton from fellow SOTOY label-mate Riandi Sumadinata (gifted circa February 2017).

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