TOYSREVIL TOP TEN TOYS of 2016: #2 - Zombie Mini Muckey from INSTINCTOY

WHAT-IS: It took some time - much longer than I anticipated -
but I’ve finally completed my personal TOP TEN TOYS of 2016!

CAVEAT#1: Items are to a part of my own personal collection, either purchased by myself, or gifted
to me, during the year of 2016. Essentially, this is a list of the toys that I already have, thanks.

CAVEAT#2: They could either be brand new toys released in the year of 2016, or they could have been
released earlier, but only owned or opened/deboxed in 2016. OLD is GOLD as far as I am concerned LOL

Enjoy The Toy-Joy, folks!

And while I have been extremely fortunate to own two Muckeys (one can never own enough of Muckeys, as far as I am concerned), when I first saw INSTINCTOY's MINI MUCKEYS, I knew I HAD to have it, and this baby blue Zombie Mini Muckey would've made a wonderful colour-partner to my pastel blue Muckey (purchased in STGCC2013, a display piece no less :p)!

I managed to score this edition at the 2016 STGCC, and am extremely thankful I had the funds to be able to do so (I missed out previous years' editions, but...).

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The sheer toy-joy of holding the figure in my hands, was indeed palpable. A tactile touch of a colelctible both heightened my desire for it, and as well provide a physical connection that is worth much more than aesthetics (in my corner of the toy-world) and this figure scores on many points. Coupled with a pair of bloodshot eyes and flocked belly (no doubt filled with carcasses of other toys he has devoured MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA), its a no-brainer INSTINCTOY's ZOMBIE MINI MUCKEY would claw into my TOYSREVIL TOP TEN TOYS of 2016 list, and coming in at #2!

Now if only the belly was "clear", and there's a way we could insert and hold smaller toys in its belly, then this would undoutably be "#1" on my list :p