#toystolookoutforin2018 (Wave 1)

As the end of 2017 is just around the corner (this time next week we'll be in 2018 already!), I'd thought to take a look at what "#toystolookoutforin2018" - with images spotted on my social media feeds (Further product information pending), and perhaps help you navigate what to look out for in the new year of toys to come!

BAT🦇 #prototype #sofuvi #sofubi #bat #t9g

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T9G shared an image of (the prototype) of his "BAT", in a splendid glossy royal purple colorway that makes it so lush!

Apportfolio Asia is turning Camilla D'Errico's as-yet "Unnamed Axolotl" into a 3-dimensional collectible.

Taiwan-based Skullman will be introducing his "RABBIT" as a "sofubi" figure in 2018! Also keep a lookout for his resin version "Rabbit Head" - which is essentially JUST a (severed) head, with suitably gnarly decapitation-bits = JUICY! LOL

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"HELLO LUKEY" from Luke Chueh x FLABSLAB sees Luke's "bear" getting the cutesy "Hello Kitty"-treatment, in vinyl! Shown above is the "paint master".

Are there any new toys I should be looking out for? TAG #toysrevil on Instagram or Facebook, or email me straightup at "toysreviler@gmail.com" (I'm looking for pix, not information ... yet :p)