#toystolookoutforin2018 (Wave 2)

As the end of 2017 is just around the corner (this time next week we'll be in 2018 already!), I'd thought to take a look at what "#toystolookoutforin2018" - with images spotted on my social media feeds (Further product information pending), and perhaps help you navigate what to look out for in the new year of toys to come!

We first saw the unpainted prototype at New York Comic Con 2017 (previously identified as "Rainbow Roll" ... along with the painted artwork) for "Rainbow Sushi" by Camilla d'Errico x ToyQube, with this painted prototype teasing the flavourful vinyl to come!

"BLUE BOO" is created by Bubi Au Yeung and made by How2Work. The figure is currently on display at her solo show at @everydaymooonday (now til Jan 28.2018), if you want to see it first hand!

test shot!😆coming soon! #yasu #ebineko #sofvi

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Check put these test shots of new character sofvi from Japanese creator yasu(やす)! Stay tuned for further updates!

"BOOMER" by Wolf Pits aka Ryan Taft (@wolfpits) looking decently adorable and explosive.

Are there any other new toys I should be looking out for? TAG #toysrevil on Instagram, or email me straightup at "toysreviler@gmail.com" (I'm looking for pix, not information ... yet :p)

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