TRASHBOT & FRIENDS by playsometoys

The brand that brought you Classicbot Classic is back with a new product that is perfect for geeks! Introducing Trashbot & Friends

A playset inspired by classic desktop icons - the set consists of two figures: The first one is the Trashbot, designed after the trash icon. The second one, the Errorbot, get its shape from the bomb icon that appears when the operation system crashes.

There are three accessories including the Disk icon, the Mail icon and the Folder. Every bit of this playset is full of nostalgic charms.

Every figure and accessory stand proudly on a nice display stand with metallic name tag. The lid on the Trashbot is functional, so you can turn it into a pen stand or desktop organizer.

The whole playset is made with high quality ABS plastic. The Trashbot is about 8.5cm tall including the display stand. It will be on display in TOY SOUL 2017 in Hong Kong (Dec 15-17). On-line pre order will start within January 2018, stay tuned to, and their Instagram @classicbot_toy.

Classicbot” is a brand created by playsometoys, an independent toy company in Hong Kong.