What’s Your Toy Story? A Return To Sharing your Toy-Joy on TOYSREVIL

The above image was snapped off the taxi dashboard from a few days back, a reminder of a spirited chat with the taxi-driver about his grandson’s “favourite character from Star Wars” (I never did ask if he knew the name, nor did he refer to “Yoda” by name) - where I first asked for permission to take this picture, which prompted him to share his toy-story - of the time when his grandson could recognise that the character was missing from his dashboard.

One fine day he removed the Yoda bobblehead (from Funko) purposefully, before the boy was left sitting on his grandmother’s lap, sat on the passenger’s side, and he stared at the dash-space left vacant, and then asked for the missing toy. The sense of joy and pride in that man’s face, as he told me this story, was priceless.

This situation warmed my heart too, and brought a sense of lightness to an otherwise moment of subtle-stress. and eventually “joy”.

I am reminded of the moment of toy-joy we both shared, regardless of seemingly different lives we lead, and age we are in (or choose to be in :p), but ultimately the joy that connects us all; “TOYS”.

Reminded me that THIS is what TOYSREVIL is about too, about sharing the toy-joy, mine and yours - be it new upcoming, or old(er) toys we own or hope to own (again, or never), in whatever genre it might be - art, mass, niche and everything in-between. The Toy Story we each have, and hope to share … THAT is what I hope TOYSREVIL can return to :)

And yes, I showed him a snap of my toys on my phone too, THIS!

On hindsight, I am not too sure of he recognised anyone from the bunch, maybe “E.T.”? I am only guessing, and dare not presume the Malay-gentleman had or had not watched the film … BUT, he sure knew this “Star Wars character”!

Cheers, and have a great Toy-Day ahead!