Zukaty Mini BRUZZY Debut & Pre-order Release on Dec 11th

Zukaty Toyz has been teasing the WIPs for some time now, and today “officially” announces the debut release info for his new toy; “BRUZZY”!
"Hey guys, I'm Bruzzy a friendly cute sometimes creepy and moody monster, I love to play naughty games, listen to heavy and loud music and eat a lot of nutty chocolate, I'm about 4.5 inch tall, weight 4.5 ounces, I've got a double face side head to suit my mood and a awesome body :), I'm all made out of smooth resin by that crafty dude that goes by Zukaty. I'm looking for new friends to play and have fun, so here's you chance. Don't miss out. Hope to meet you soon, yours Bruzzy."

Hope all is well, I would like to introduce my new toy Bruzzy to you and also share the debut release info, hope you like him :), thank you so much for your support.

The first wave of releases for “BRUZZY” will feature:

-Red cast with black rub and High Gloss finish (max run 15) @ $55 US each + Shipping
-Blue airbrushed and hand painted (max run 10) @ $80 US each + Shipping
-Pink airbrushed and hand painted (max run 10) @ $80 US each + Shipping
-Set of all 3 will include cold cast 30mm Bruzzy head pendant (max run 8) @ US$200.

"Please note that these will be made to order, so expect a 6-10 week for production, dependant of number of pieces made.

All Mini Bruzzy figures are hand made, and hand painted, so expect minor differences from original pictures, but all with be made with love and to high standard.

Bruzzy figures will be packaged in bag with header card and will include B or Z Letter neckless accessory. Also as I had many requests for unpainted blanks, I will make them available on a made to order basis, later in the week, to be announced on my Instagram feed."

With 3D printing by @evanmorgan93 (and @willydigitalsculpting on 3D sculpt help), BRUZZY is designed by Paulo Mendes AKA Zukaty Art - whom has been well known for his custom art toys, with THIS being his first all-original creation, which is always a cause for celebration!

Pre Order will begin on Monday 11th of December 0:00 UK GMT, HK 8AM, NY 10th 7PM, and will close on Friday the 22nd of December via zukatyartz.storenvy.com.