About Seulgie's SATYR RORY Blind Box Series from POPMART

Fans of Seulgie's works, and even collectors of Sonny Angel figurines (first comparable toys popped into mine) ... Seulgie sends word of her upcoming new toys, and I swear I squealed a silent one this Saturday evening in Singapore! Are you prepared for the first ever production SATYR RORY Blind Box Series?


A (display box) set has 12 individual boxes. There are 12 designs to collect, PLUS "a secret one"! Four of her designed sculptures to be had; Lamb (satyr), Bunny, Kitty and Bear Cub, in 3 colorways each. They stand between 3" to 3.5" tall, and frankly, pretty squeal-worthy, but of course I am biased as I LOVE her creations, released thus far as extremely limited hand-made pieces :)

Produced by POPMART, this blind box comes out early-February in China, and late-February in other regions, US and UK. (*Singapore how? Ozzooooooo!!!!!) - and Seulgie herself will open pre-orders for them soon - which of course I'll suggest you stay connected to her Instagram and Facebook, if you've not already, of course :)