David The Killer's #TopTenToysOf2017 On TOYSREVIL

"Is it 2018 already? It's an honour once again to be invited by Toysrevil to list down best top 10 toys in year 2017, maybe some of you wondering why most of them are not actually from 2017 released, because I like to open the toys randomly and these are based on what I opened during 2017!" (Shared David The Killer of IG @davidthekiller / @kaiju_mafia)

#10. Stormtrooper-Star Wars 1/6 scale Hot Toys (2pack) - "Best. Stormtrooper. Figure. If you've got one option to pick one stormtrooper to buy, I guess this is the answer."

#9. Godzilla-Shogun Warrior by Toynami - "It's huge, it's got wheels to walk, and the arm shoots! Always wanted Shogun Warriors stuff and when Toynami announced to make new one from Godzilla, I was sold straight away!"

#8. Seiji (Anti Carb Squad) from TOA Heavy Industries 1000toys 1/6 scale - "TThere's always cool 1000 toys to buy every year, "Seiji" is my best pick of the year ... "WHY?" you'll know when you buy it."

#7. Iron Meat by restore created - "I can only afford to buy the blank, it's enough for me because the sculpting that interest me the most for this figure, as always awesome work from restore Created."

#6. Dunny 2017 - "Yes once I again I cheated lol, 3 Dunny figures from 2017 was in number 6, 2 from Odd Ones (Ghoulie Jack and Ghoulie Jill), the sculpted masks are so good! and the other one is from Tokyo Jesus, creepy dunny never been this beautiful!"

#5. Zofbie from Zollmen (2 pack) - "It's one (well actually it's 2-pack) of the best zombies toys I ever owned and seen, zollmen had always been on my watch list, and I was lucky enough to score the black versions."

#4. Dokugan- doku sludge demon  (MVH x BLOPus) - (-see number 2 list-)

#3. IT Bear by milkboytoys "is a creepy and cute beautiful design by milkboytoys, you will never see a bear the same again."

#2. 6-eyed ghoul sludge demon (MVH x Blobpus) - "MVH is always been one of my favourite toy brands, and when I got the offer to get this and Dokugan (#4), to was hard to say no! Beautifully sculpt by Rich and beautifully painted by Blobpus, I need more MVH!"

#1. Double Think by TAG & Takahiro Komuro (TKOM) - "An example of a well executed design and sculpture in sofubi, nothing else to say."