DYNAMITE vs. Rockin’Jelly Bean: VAMPILLERA Statue

"Good Girl" artist extraordinaire Rockin'Jelly Bean does "VAMPIRELLA", and the result is awesomeness in the form of a statue! To say *I am a fan of Rockin'Jelly Bean*, is an understatement, although I hardly own any of his awesomeness ... "tragic" (for me), I know, right? *facepalm*

Produced by DYNAMITE, this SUPER MIXTURE MODEL Vol.3 / DYNAMITE vs. Rockin’Jelly Bean : VAMPILLERA stands 29cm tall and has a SRP of JPY22,000 (US$195/SG$285) tax included - with pre-orders ending January 10th, 2018! Register your interests online here (Special feature: orders here will include a mini poster (Blue) EROSTIKA Exclusive), or on dynamite.com for US$299.99 (International Orders), for a March 2018 delivery!

PRESS: "Dynamite Entertainment and Mamegyorai proudly present the newest Vampirella statue, based on the artwork of Japanese sensation Rockin' Jelly Bean! Japan's leading Lowbrow artist gives life and magic to this iconic horror heroine with the help of sculptor Yoshiki Fujimoto. This 11.3" sexy, painstaking, and brutal masterpiece stands atop a coffin base, complete with the hands of the undead and mysterious eyes gazing toward the unknown!"

Design: Rockin' Jelly Bean
Sculpt: Yoshiki Fujimoto / M.I.C. Corp.
Paint: Yoshinori Yatake (ACCEL)