Full Reveal of “FUTURE MORT 13” for 3AA 2018 Membership (Bambaland Passport)

ThreeA Toys unleashes images of their "FUTURE MORT 13" in 1/6th-scale (teased in drawing only previously), in anticipation of their 3AA 2018 MEMBERSHIP launching for a timed online public sales beginning January 15th at Bambaland.com, and ending February 1st, 2018.

This Ashley Wood-designed character is included in the Membership package, since priced at US$200 (Price Includes Worldwide Shipping via Courier). Scroll down for more images, product stats and words from ThreeA.

3AA Membership 2018 Includes:
- FUTURE MORT 13 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure Designed by Ashley Wood*
- 3AA Membership Card
- 15% Discount on all Bambaland Purchases
- 3AA Passport Booklet
- Les Mort 13 Guide
- Access to purchase Bambaland Exclusive Original 7174 collectible lines created by Ashley Wood
- Access to purchase 3AA Exclusive Pre-made Releases, Figures, Statues, and Apparel
- Boxed Style Packaging
- Major Releases will include Sticker for Passport Booklet !
- 10 Year Veterans will receive the DEC VET Embroidered Patch!

**Books and Licensed sales will be open to the Public.
***3AA Pre-made run sizes will be determined by the quantity that enlist for 3AA Membership

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3A SAYS: "For 2018 all 7174 releases (WWR, AK, TK, etc) on Bambaland will be 3AA Exclusive! 2018 will see a clear refocusing of OG lines and characters, along with the debut of several new series created by Ashley Wood and 7174 Productions.

The amount of licensed series will be reduced in order to focus on the original worlds created by Ashley Wood and 7174. Licensed series pre-sales will be open to the public on Bambaland, but only 3AA members will be able to receive a discount on their orders. Various 7174 releases will have Retail exclusive variants."