gottalovethesethings' #toptentoysof2017 On TOYSREVIL

And while we've seen his "Fanboy Dave" customs most recently on the TOYSREVIL-blog, today we take a lil'look at his own toy-collection and commission/collaboration opportunities (*along with his own words-n-impressions) in our #toptentoysof2017 serial feature! Do stay connected to Indonesia-based Eric Lesmana AKA "gottalovethesethings" on Instagram @gottalovethesethings!

#10. SH Figuarts Bruce Lee Tracksuit version - "Always been a fan of this iconic outfit of him."

#9. Punk Drunkers Aitsu-Maru Tracksuit edition - "As I've mentioned on no.10, this version is a perfect match side by side. Like in the attached pictures :)"

#8. Eric Noah's Gwen the Corgi Clear version" - "The crystal clear glass-like looks is just beautiful."

#7. X-Plus 30cm Series Godzilla x Evangelion crossover, the EVA unit 01 - "I love Godzilla and also EVA 01, so what can I say? :D" (*Above image is not Eric's, his item is currently in-storage :p).

#6. Kurobokan's Sleepwalker Offspring unpainted Black version - "This is the one that I used for my upcoming special lottery sale. ups! :D"

#5. Jenomens, Milkboy, The Mad Cap sofubi figure. - "The 3 rotating changing faces is super awesome."

#4. Punk Drunkers Aitsu-Maru Marble edition - "The marble pouring technique is spot on. I even made it in forms of plotagraph."

#3. Restore Japan Iron Meat - "I really enjoy painting it from one of my commission works."

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#2. Scotty Wang's Demoncraft Figure - "I painted 2 of these for his upcoming event next month, so stay tuned :)"

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#1. 1000toys x Realhead, the Nextman Synth Fusion figure - "The awesome character styling from Realhead, combined with 1000toys's super articulated joints. Perfectly done!" (*Above image is not Eric's, his item is currently in-storage :p).