Junko Mizuno @ Woot Bear & Junko Bear Launch on Jan 13th

Junko Mizuno is currently exhibiting at Woot Bear in San Francisco (previously announced), and we have some snaps to share, including a look at her IKEA collaboration glass figurine and the the Wilkowski/Junko Bear!

Meanwhile, pieces from "The Witch, the Nurse & the Wrestker"-show are currently listed online here, for your purchasing considerations.


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Come see the sample of Junko Mizuno x IKEA collaboration glass figurine at my show at @wootbearbelly in SF ! On display until 1/13. Figurine will be available in April this year in the following countries (in IKEA stores and online):USA, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Korea, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain, Sweden 水野純子 x IKEAコラボのガラスフィギュア、現在サンフランシスコの @wootbearbelly にてサンプル展示中!フィギュアは今年4月に、IKEAの店舗&オンラインショップで発売予定。日本のイケアでも販売されるとのことです!😆 #IKEA #IKEAArtEvent2018 #ikeatoday #イケア #glass #glassfigure #glassfigurine #castglass #owl #owlgirl

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So cute ❤️

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"Worshipper" by @junko_mizuno_art 😍

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Junko Bear : In progress @junko_mizuno_art @wootbearbelly

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Note that the Wilkowski/Junko Bear will be launched at the "Closing Ceremony" of the show, on January 13th, where limited multi color assortment will be available at the closing event 6-9pm. Both Junko Mizuno and Scott Wilkowski will be in attendance. (Green and Lavender color ways will be available for online purchase). Price unknown as this time :p